Anonymous asked:

hey babe, whatever happens with you, don't let it affect you that much ok? I don't know what happened so I don't know what to say and I really wish I could cause I know what it feels like to feel like crap and not being able to stop crying but hey, you got someone here, I don't know you but I don't like to know you're down, cheer up for me please, I know you probably can't right now but I'd like you to stop crying and smile ok? Lots of love!


I honestly appreciate that so much! im so glad I can be able to write down my feelings on here and have somebody talk to me and at least try and understand what im going through. Thank you so much, lots of love back at you!


i’m sorry, but I feel really fucking down right now, I cannot stop crying, can somebody drop me a message?

“The Devil is real and he isn’t a little man with red horns, he can be beautiful, because he was an angel and he used to be God’s favourite”
American Horror Story

anybody out there?

somebody must be able to message me? hm